Veneers in coimbatore

I have gaps in between my teeth – What to do?

30 Year old female, visited our clinic with the complain of severe gaps in between her teeth and was very concerned about the smile.

We gave her the option of going ORTHODONTIC (Braces) correction. But since the patient is working in a MNC and also cannot afford the time needed for ortho treatment she asked for an alternative.

This is where the veneer comes into play. Veneers are thin egg shell like components matching your tooth color. These components can be cemented over the patient’s natural teeth and it stays permanent.

The procedure is very minimally invasive and requires only a small correction of your natural tooth (0.25mm -0.5mm). Some times, even that is not needed and we need only impression. Once the impression is made we send it to lab and the work reaches us in two days and is cemented on third day. See the case below to understand the workflow and see the smile transformation for yourself.

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