A Boon for elderly patients -IMPLANT SUPPORTED OVEDENTURES – Offering economical and efficient denture options.

When all the teeth are lost, most elderly patients are left with few replacement options. The most common option is the complete dentures.

Complete dentures are affordable but they are often a compromised treatment, as it does not fits snugly in the jaws, particularly, in the lower jaws. Tongue movements and smaller surface area in lower jaws makes the denture ill fitting. 

Patients will experience frequent loosening when talking or enjoying their delicious meal. While Implants are the best choice of treatment available today, high expenses for full mouth implants, act as a deterrent to the patients. 

In such cases, a semi fixed implant supported over dentures can be an effective and at the same time affordable treatment option. This article is about how we at THE DENTAL POINT, guided our patient to regain the smile and confidence by using Immediately loaded implants and dentures over them. Th entire treatment took only 6 days to finish is an added bonus. 


Immediate implant supported dentures in THE DENTAL POINT
Immediate implant supported dentures in THE DENTAL POINT